Is your copy a hot mess?

You’ve got bright ideas, more passion than an Adele song, and products and services that you believe in. But right now, that's all getting lost in translation.


Throw your arms in the air if you feel like your COPY IS:

  • Drier than a British sitcom
  • More predictable than a Liam Neeson revenge movie
  • Stiffer than Travolta’s hair in Grease
  • Like some watered-down version of you
  • Or some hodgepodge of what everyone else in your industry is saying


Then allow me to introduce my highly-caffeinated self (and feel free to put your hands down — unless you wanna wave ‘em around like you just don’t care)...



a copywriter for creatives and coaches who want to speak their customers' language in a voice that's unmistakably theirs, so they can bump hearts with their people, sell without sleaze, and be more influential and profitable doing what they love.

What's your story?



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"i need copy that compels and sells, LIKE YESTERDAY..."

Show off your sass and savvy with words that make readers fan-girl out over you and happy-squeal: "It's like you were reading my mind!"

I’ve worked with some of the best copywriters online, and Janine is the best of the best. With her help, we had a $150k launch!

I’m a tough critic when it comes to copy because I look at it through the sales lens, and in the process of taking Authentic Selling™ to a million dollar business, I wanted my words to reflect both my expertise and the softer, Southern side of my personal brand. Janine researched my 5-year business history to craft POWERFUL words that feel the most authentic I’ve ever had and now I want to hire her full-time!

Kendrick Shope | Nationally Recognized Top Sales Expert, Business Expert for NBC & Authentic Selling™ Coach

Learn how to write better copy.

(Your business will thank you.)