Want words that reverse-engineer those "she gets me!" moments?

The FIRST thing someone does before they hire you or buy from you is read your copy. So those words need to get drool dripping…not eyes glazing.

And while the most powerful words balance the art of personality with the science of persuasion, the problem is: Too many copywriters choose a side.

Behind door #1: Creative copywriters. They’ve got the right rhymes to get your heart beating like a hip-hop song, even if they keep stealing Ryan Gosling’s “hey girl” line. But they’ve also got a bad rap for sucking at sales.

Behind door #2: Conversion copywriters. They sound like word surgeons when they dissect “customer awareness” and fancy formulas like PAS and AIDA. But sometimes, their prose is as forgettable as The Hoff’s singing career.

So question…why settle for one square or the other if you can have someone who hopskotches through both?

Someone whose words have inspired dieted-out women to smash their scales, brides-to-be make their memories more memorable, or big dreamers build businesses that build schools?


Whether you’re here because you:

  • Have ZERO time to write and would rather just stick to what you’re best at. (Or watch reruns of Parks & Recreation. That too.)

  • Are overwhelmed by your million and one ideas, and have no clue where to start…or what to chop.

  • Are stalling your launch because you’re constantly second-guessing your words. (Ok. So you may hold a small grudge against J.K. Rowling.)

  • Worry about sounding like some bifocal-wearing professor or walking resume, when you’re actually super cool. (Like if Amy Schumer and Bill Murray had a love child, you’d be it.)

  • Already tried the DIY route, but want to take your business further faster (and not sound like everyone else using the same stale templates).

  • Want to show your clients that you’re the real freakin’ deal—without leaving a salesy slime trail behind or sounding like a horn-tooter.

…I’m your wily word slinger.

Hey there, I'm Janine! Copywriter, book buff and proud pizzatarian.


I help creatives, coACHES AND SERVICE PROVIDERS use their words to:

  • Build wait lists
  • Rocket registration rates
  • Attract new subscribers and fans
  • Raise their rates and grow their team
  • Turn browsers into buyers

You can find my clients across the globe…

They’re award-winning entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, a Las Vegas mentalist act, an Olympic athlete, a life coach for celebrities, and even a cartoon zebra. (Swear on my mug collection.) Not to mention, all the other inspiring women who are making a big dent in the universe.

You’ll never guess what my first business venture was…

“Borrowing” my Uncle Steve’s shoes and trying to sell them to the other residents in his apartment building. (In my defense: I was four.)

You might not know…

I’m Canadian. Which means I enjoy self-deprecating jokes and maple syrup in my coffee.

If I’m not Peggy Olson-ing it up at my keyboard, you’ll probably find me…

On a wind-in-my-hair road trip, head-bopping to live music, trekking the trails with my pup, exploring hole-in-the-wall restaurants, getting lost in historical fiction, or confusing people with my Elaine Benes dance moves.

I'm booking photoshoots 7 months in advance now!

Janine not only understood what I wanted to say, but she took into account how I actually sound and communicate in real life, creating copy that was true to me and my brand. Janine’s word genius will elevate your brand presence and make your ideal customers line up in your inbox with smiles, waiting to hire you. 

Anna Tsoulogiannis | Photographer at Annawithlove Photography


I feel like I’m finally putting my best foot forward to attract the right clients and make the sales process easy.

I wasn’t sure how to open up the level of trust that I accomplish easily once I get in front of people. I struggled with feeling salesy and it was hard to know what my potential clients needed to hear from me. I hired Janine because I was so impressed with the work she did for one of my clients. She has an awesome way with words, I felt cared about and loved on at every touch point in the process, and now I’m excited about effortlessly connecting with clients.

Cathy Olson | Founder & Lead Designer at Love Inspired


How I blend the art of creativity with the science of conversion (or the story of how I got my copy chops).





Won a provincial essay writing contest in grade 5 and graduated from high school with the creative writing award (amidst some not-so-award-winning Buffy the Vampire Slayer fanfiction). Pocketed my MA and taught undergrad writing tutorials for a year. Learned how to paint pictures with prose.




Began my quest to become a non-starving writer. Became a freelance journalist (bad start). Wrote about women MMA fighters, Paraguayan folk harpists raised in jungles, and businessmen trekking across the North Pole to raise money for kids. Mastered my detective skills to stitch together stories that stick on hearts.






Spent 5+ years penning for marketing and advertising companies as a conversion copywriter. Wrote for big-deals who swore me to secrecy. Broke into brains, converted like a mofo, and learned how to write words you can bank on.

Meet the Team



They say that with great beard comes great responsibility. So while Janine’s wrangling words, I’m managing client projects, geeking out on research and spreadsheets, and looking after all the business admin tasks and big picture strategy that can be a creativity buzzkill. My extensive background in departmental management makes me a customer service fanatic.




The first three launches of my signature group coaching program were a total bust. I only made one sale each launch for a program I'd spent HOURS putting together. After I hired Janine to write my sales page and email sequence, I had a multiple 5-figure launch. People were even emailing me to ask who my copywriter was so I could refer them!

Shelagh Cummins | Business Coach



I had the challenge of trying to appeal to three different customer segments and create a consistent brand voice that proved to my audience — oui, learning French can be fun! My new web copy is très magnifique and I've even started building a wait list for my tutoring services. Janine gave my words that certain je ne sais quoi that was missing and I feel like my bon vivant style finally pops on the page!

Julie Rheaume-Greenham | The French Effect


Ready to go from ignored to adored?

My fancypants bio

(Best read with an English accent)

JANINE DUFF is a Word Slinger who helps service providers speak their customers' language in a voice that’s unmistakably theirs, so they can bump hearts with their people, sell without sleaze, and become more influential and profitable doing what they love. Janine brings a background in creative writing and journalism to website copywriting and brand voice development, so her clients get the best of both worlds: personality and persuasion. She's worked with coaches and creatives, award-winning entrepreneurs, best-selling authors, nonprofits, an Olympic athlete, and even a Las Vegas mentalist act. When she’s not Peggy Olson-ing it up at her keyboard, you can find her getting highly-caffeinated, reading historical fiction, or hiking the Canadian trails with her nutty Boxer dog.