How To Create Your Content Plan FOR 2018

How To Create Your Content Plan FOR 2018

With a new year approaching, it’s the best time to think about your content plan and Q1 goals.

So I hit up one of my copywriting besties, Kelly Stone from Craft My Content, to give you a simple process for creating your 2018 content strategy and editorial calendar.

What you’ll need:

  • Your fave big picture planning tools like a dry erase board or pen and paper

  • Your fave scheduling tools like a traditional planner, Excel spreadsheet, or online content tool (ex. CoSchedule, Buffer, Meet Edgar, etc.)

  • Your fave creativity fuels like a Spotify playlist, a bottomless pot of coffee, some yummy smelling candles, or a glass of Pinot Grigio  

A workbook to help you plan out your content strategy:

Whether your ideas are running around like a bunch of unruly minions in overalls or you feel like you’d have more lucking finding the last unicorn than coming up with new content, this workbook will help you start brainstorming an intentional content strategy that helps you achieve your big business goals in 2018.

The Best Zero-Cost Thing I Did For My Business In 2017

The Best Zero-Cost Thing I Did For My Business In 2017

Confession: When I started my freelance copywriting business, I spent over $5k on online courses. 🙈

I tried to Frankenstein my business, piecing together 7-step frameworks, tried and tested templates, and proven systems that promised to get me the same results some big somebody got.

You know how this story goes, right? 

Yeeeeeeeeeeah. That didn't happen. 

No $2000 DIY course ever got me where I wanted to be.

Not even the ones I finished

It's not that these programs didn't teach me something... 

It's just that they were trying to approach my business challenges and goals from the same angle as everyone else's.

I'm happy to say that things look a lot different these days.

CLIENT CASE STUDY: How Shelagh Had a Multiple 5 Figure Launch after 3 Flops

CLIENT CASE STUDY: How Shelagh Had a Multiple 5 Figure Launch after 3 Flops

One of the best parts of my job? 

Hearing from clients how a word makeover turned all those late nights and cups of microwaved coffee they spent on creating course content into money in the bank.

Flopped launches are ZERO fun and can make your confidence go splat. But most of the time, this is because you're trying to do #allthethings...all by yourself

(And let's be honest. Sales pages and launch email sequences aren't everyone's bowl of buttery popcorn.)

This is exactly what happened to my client, Shelagh Cummins.

Shelagh is an action-cracking business coach who holds the fluff, calls you on your excuses, and shows you how to shake your moneymaker! (My favourite kind.)

But even after Shelagh and I first connected and I saw how passionate she was about her mission to show other women that it’s possible to build a profitable, sustainable business—without drowning in debt, forfeiting family time, or working in their sleep...

Her fire was looking a little dim on the page. (And I'm no Girl Scout, but I knew some of Shelagh's signature spunk and sass could heat things up.)

Before we worked together, she spent hours creating course content and wrote all her own sales copy for 3 launches that resulted in ONE sale. *cue the sad trombones*

She was tired of being a content creating machine only to cancel her coaching program when the launch was a bust. (Who can blame her?)

Not to mention, all the time lost that could have been spent on billable work with her 1:1 clients...

Shelagh's biggest barrier to us working together was whether or not there was going to be a return on investment. 

So when I asked her if she could share her experience with you, she was more than game.

How I Grew My Email List By 10% in 2 Weeks with a Free Challenge

How I Grew My Email List By 10% in 2 Weeks with a Free Challenge

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted my first free 5-day challenge. 

I surpassed all my goals for the #brandvoicechallenge AND crushed every stretch goal (save one).

But before you assume I cleaned up, unlike most 5-day challenges, my goal wasn't to make mad chedda.

There was no pitch at the end. (Some people were so weirded out by that, they emailed me to ask if they missed it!)

There was no popping a bottle of Cristal in the back of a Cadillac Escalade. (My version of celebrating involves a $5 Brooklyn pepperoni pizza and yoga pants.)

There was no 350% email list boost. (Most internet-famous people wouldn't want to share a less impressive story with you, so I'm gonna get as honest as Jessica Alba's company with you here.)

I only had one thing in mind for my free challenge: my audience

Getting to know them, helping them, and letting them teach me.

Was it worthwhile? In every way.

When I randomly mentioned my process in a Facebook group convo, guest post invites rolled in and people PM'd me to understand how my challenge looked behind the scenes.

And since all the internet-famous people focus on how to use challenges as a "mini-launch" strategy, I wanted to give you a look at other ways you can use them too.

So today I’m sharing every single detail of my 5-day challenge experiment... 

3 Reasons Why You Need a Brand Voice

3 Reasons Why You Need a Brand Voice

I recently switched almond milk brands.

Life-changing, I know.

But I walked by a Califia Farms product display a few weeks ago and read this on the back of their almond milk packaging:

"There are a lot of sweet things in the world; surprise parties, puppies, butterfly kisses. We let them do the heavy lifting when it comes to sweetness and keep it real on the sugarless side of life."

I smiled to myself and with a "SOLD!" - hustled that baby into my shopping cart after a quick once-over of the ingredients.

Honestly? It was comparable to the almond milk I was already drinking. And it cost about $3 more.

But the playful personality that almond milk oozed had me convinced that THIS was the brand for me.

How to Read Your Customer's Mind in 5 Simple Steps

How to Read Your Customer's Mind in 5 Simple Steps

Wondering how to read your customer's mind even if you're not psychic?

Tell me if your typical writing M.O. goes a little like this...

You corral all your wild ideas for your web copy or sales page into a Google Doc, ready to blow the minds of your future customers...

You J.K. Rowling out on that first draft of copy for 7 days straight...

Why I'm Learning To Love The Creative Mess

Why I'm Learning To Love The Creative Mess

It’s happening again. I’m in Google Docs, editing a client’s copy, and I see their cute little face icon pop up in the corner. My fingers freeze. Now they can see my writing in its not-so-sparkly splendor—the backspacing with self-doubt, the broken sentences, the weighing two words for 20 minutes before making a call. (I exaggerate not.)

This weirdly awkward and sweaty forehead moment happens often. My client will get notifications as soon as I start revising their document, and if they’re online, they might go Curious George on me and peek in before I'm done. And hey, I don’t blame them.

3 Free Scripts: How To Break Up With A Client (The Classy Way)

3 Free Scripts: How To Break Up With A Client (The Classy Way)

We've all been there.

Even if your heart is soaring with good intentions and your marketing is totally on-point, less-than-ideal clients will still find a way to wiggle into your schedule. Like those sneaky splinters that somehow get under your nails and are impossible to dislodge.

Interview With Canada's #1 Female Entrepreneur

Interview With Canada's #1 Female Entrepreneur

Today, I've got something wildly special in store for you.

Something that took a little bit of raw courage and approximately 28 hours of fighting with technology...trying to figure out stuff that lurks far, far outside my comfort zone. The result? Not perfect. But I'm okay with that. You see, one of my cool cat clients, Kelsey Ramsden, offered to hop on for a Skype interview together to chat about storytelling in a totally unbuttoned, casual way.