With a new year approaching, it’s the best time to think about your content plan and Q1 goals.

So I hit up one of my copywriting besties, Kelly Stone from Craft My Content, to give you a simple process for creating your 2018 content strategy and editorial calendar.

What you’ll need:

  • Your fave big picture planning tools like a dry erase board or pen and paper

  • Your fave scheduling tools like a traditional planner, Excel spreadsheet, or online content tool (ex. CoSchedule, Buffer, Meet Edgar, etc.)

  • Your fave creativity fuels like a Spotify playlist, a bottomless pot of coffee, some yummy smelling candles, or a glass of Pinot Grigio

A workbook to help you plan out your content strategy:

Whether your ideas are running around like a bunch of unruly minions in overalls or you feel like you’d have more lucking finding the last unicorn than coming up with new content, this workbook will help you start brainstorming an intentional content strategy that helps you achieve your big business goals in 2018.


The Video Interview & Tutorial with Kelly, Content Strategist & Crafty Copywriter: