CLIENT CASE STUDY: How Shelagh Had a Multiple 5 Figure Launch after 3 Flops


One of the best parts of my job? 

Hearing from clients how a word makeover turned all those late nights and cups of microwaved coffee they spent on creating course content into money in the bank.

Flopped launches are ZERO fun and can make your confidence go splat. But most of the time, this is because you're trying to do #allthethings...all by yourself

(And let's be honest. Sales pages and launch email sequences aren't everyone's bowl of buttery popcorn.)

This is exactly what happened to my client, Shelagh Cummins.

Shelagh is an action-cracking business coach who holds the fluff, calls you on your excuses, and shows you how to shake your moneymaker! (My favourite kind.)

But even after Shelagh and I first connected and I saw how passionate she was about her mission to show other women that it’s possible to build a profitable, sustainable business—without drowning in debt, forfeiting family time, or working in their sleep...

Her fire was looking a little dim on the page. (And I'm no Girl Scout, but I knew some of Shelagh's signature spunk and sass could heat things up.)

Before we worked together, she spent hours creating course content and wrote all her own sales copy for 3 launches that resulted in ONE sale. *cue the sad trombones*

She was tired of being a content creating machine only to cancel her coaching program when the launch was a bust. (Who can blame her?)

Not to mention, all the time lost that could have been spent on billable work with her 1:1 clients...

Shelagh's biggest barrier to us working together was whether or not there was going to be a return on investment. 

So when I asked her if she could share her experience with you, she was more than game.

After 3 consecutive cricket launches...

  • Shelagh had a multi 5-figure launch while incorporating recognizable brand language that she'd already established 
  • She had multiple people tell her they joined because the copy spoke to them (all because of research, copy stalking and surveys!)
  • She more than reached her goal for 20 enrollments and is now gearing up for her 2nd launch 
  • She more than 4x'ed her copywriting investment with ONE launch (and now has a sales page that can pull its weight, launch after launch)
  • She had women signing up right to the end of the launch sequence, from quick-takers to fence-sitters

In fact, some of the women that enrolled in Shelagh's course ended up hiring me for my 1:1 services because the copy we created for her launch made them buy! 


Watch the video to hear more about the copywriting strategy, support, and accountability that helped Shelagh turn multiple failed launches into a successful group coaching program that women scrambled to join.

You'll hear Shelagh talk about one of her biggest struggles: Getting her personality out and giving boring the boot...

And why she calls working with a copywriter "her best business investment". 

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