Janine Duff


Want words that bring all the customers to your digi-yard without breaking the bank to hire a copywriter?


Join me for a 4-week 1:1 copy coaching experience to help you write (or revamp) your web copy, develop a recognizable brand voice that resonates with the right people, and win more clients without jumping on a million dead-end discovery calls.

Maybe you’ve already scooped up all the copywriting courses on the digi-block, but you’re still struggling to implement what you learned or make those templates and scripts work for your business and brand.

Maybe you’ve been DIYing your copy and even considering hiring a copywriter, but you can’t justify the expense for where your business is at right now or you like the idea of keeping creative control when it comes to your content.

Or maybe you’re just starting out in business and you have zero clue how to talk about yourself without sounding boring or braggy, so you’ve stalled launching your website altogether. (And you might even have a cranky designer on your hands who you’re holding up because you still don’t have that content you promised!)

I’ve heard it all before. And that’s why I initially wanted to launch a group copy coaching program...

Because if you ask me, we’re way more likely to see our goals through and get real results if we have someone holding us accountable and giving us personalized support every step of the way.

The problem is: Sharing your writing in a group is SCARY stuff. I know because I put myself out there with clients day after day, dealing with the self-doubts and “what if they hate it?” runaway thoughts.

So the more I asked around, the more I discovered that people would prefer a 1:1 coaching relationship that offers a safe space for vulnerability and honest feedback.


"I've had numerous clients who booked me say that my copy felt like it was talking directly to them! 

I knew I needed support and accountability to write my new web copy because all the other daily tasks of running a business kept getting in the way. Janine made me feel truly supported, special, and understood throughout the entire coaching process. I loved her weekly check-ins and video walk-throughs of my copy, plus she was always so great with feedback and answering questions in a thoughtful way."

Orly Wachter | MS, RD, Business Mentor & Coach for RDs


This is more than coaching. This is about as hands-on as I can get with your copy without writing it myself...


...and in 4 weeks, you’re going to have ready-to-rock web copy that you can essentially hit publish on for just…






Who is this for? +

Coaches, creatives, consultants, speakers, and service providers who need help with web copy and brand voice development.

Who is this NOT for? +

Anyone who is looking for help with SEO or writing blogs, social media posts, ad copy, and email funnels. This engagement is designed for web copy and brand voice development only.

How does the payment plan work? +

The first $500 payment is due as a deposit to hold your spot in my calendar, the second $500 payment is due on kickoff, the final $500 payment is due at the halfway mark of your coaching engagement.

Do you write my copy for me? +

This is a consulting/coaching service, so done-for-you copywriting isn't included. My feedback will give you helpful copy tweaks that you can make to your web copy, but this is doesn’t mean I’m writing or rewriting your copy for you. This is a DIY service with personalized support and accountability. If you're interested in me writing your copy for you, check out my 1:1 services.

Why don't we have coaching calls every week? +

Because with copywriting, you’re going to get way more out of this experience if I’m actually spending time reviewing, tweaking, and giving you feedback on your copy...not talking about it. :) My mission is to get you actively writing and practicing your copywriting skills, so you have a finished project to hit publish on...not a bunch of call notes. And believe it or not, when I work 1:1 with clients, my video walkthroughs are their favourite part of the process (and what they always tell me is the most helpful). Plus you get on-demand access to me via email and I’ll be popping into your inbox every week with encouragement and support!

What's your refund policy? +

Your deposit is nonrefundable. But if you cancel your coaching engagement with 2 weeks' notice, I'm happy to waive your second payment and give your spot to someone else.