Want words that reverse-engineer those "she gets me!" moments?

The FIRST thing someone does before they hire you or buy from you is read your copy. So those words need to get drool dripping…not eyes glazing.

And while the most powerful words balance the art of personality with the science of persuasion, the problem is: Too many copywriters choose a side.

Behind door #1: Creative copywriters. They’ve got the right rhymes to get your heart beating like a hip-hop song, even if they keep stealing Ryan Gosling’s “hey girl” line. But they’ve also got a bad rap for sucking at sales.

Behind door #2: Conversion copywriters. They sound like word surgeons when they dissect “customer awareness” and fancy formulas like PAS and AIDA. But sometimes, their prose is as forgettable as The Hoff’s singing career.

So question…why settle for one square or the other if you can have someone who hopskotches through both?

Someone whose words have inspired dieted-out women to smash their scales, brides-to-be make their memories more memorable, or big dreamers build businesses that build schools?