Personality-dunked copy that gets customers, clicks and cha-chings.

Still staring at a blank screen? Three coffees later? Giving the stink eye to that taunty cursor? 

Your finger is trembling over the PUBLISH button because you’re stuck in the worst place possible — your own head.

Which is usually when you start creeping the competition. (Read: The go-to woman in your industry who is all #iwokeupwith6figures and has enviable mermaid hair.)

You wonder what she’s doing differently and try imitating her voice. (Hey, if it worked for her…)

You slash your prices by 20%. Then refresh your inbox every 5 minutes in anticipation of all the new inquiries that are sure to start pouring in. (Like…any second now.)

But let’s be honest. 

You don’t have time to spread your genius wafer-thin wrangling words, when you’ve got people to serve and money chests to lie in. (Kidding. This isn’t a Rihanna music video.)

So here’s a better idea…