Whether you’re here because you:

  • Have ZERO time to write and would rather just stick to what you’re best at. (Or watch reruns of Parks & Recreation. That too.)

  • Are overwhelmed by your million and one ideas, and have no clue where to start…or what to chop.

  • Are stalling your launch because you’re constantly second-guessing your words. (Ok. So you may hold a small grudge against J.K. Rowling.)

  • Worry about sounding like some bifocal-wearing professor or walking resume, when you’re actually super cool. (Like if Amy Schumer and Bill Murray had a love child, you’d be it.)

  • Already tried the DIY route, but want to take your business further faster (and not sound like everyone else using the same stale templates).

  • Want to show your clients that you’re the real freakin’ deal—without leaving a salesy slime trail behind or sounding like a horn-tooter.

…I’m your wily word slinger.