Hey there, I'm Janine! Copywriter, book buff and proud pizzatarian.


My words help small businesses with big hearts:

  • Build wait lists

  • Rocket registration rates

  • Attract new subscribers and fans

  • Raise their rates and grow their team

  • Turn browsers into buyers

Once upon a time…

I won a provincial essay writing contest and graduated from high school with the creative writing award (amidst some not-so-award-winning Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan fiction).

After pocketing my MA in English, my Nancy Drew curiosity pointed me at freelance journalism. I got to interview and tell the stories of the coolest people you’ll ever meet — women MMA fighters, Paraguayan folk harpists raised in jungles, and businessmen trekking across the North Pole to raise money for kids.

A couple of years later, I packed up my pen and storytelling skills to write memorable copy for marketing and advertising companies. I took my word slinging career solo shortly after and I’ve been word jamming ever since.

You’ll never guess what my first business venture was…

“Borrowing” my Uncle Steve’s shoes and trying to sell them to the other residents in his apartment building. (In my defense: I was four.)

You might not know…

I’m Canadian. Which means I enjoy self-deprecating jokes and maple syrup in my coffee.