Janine Duff

Personality-dunked copy that gets customers, clicks and cha-chings.

Still staring at a blank screen? Three coffees later? Giving the stink eye to that taunty cursor? 

Your finger is trembling over the PUBLISH button because you’re stuck in the worst place possible — your own head.

Which is usually when you start creeping the competition. (Read: The go-to woman in your industry who is all #iwokeupwith6figures and has enviable mermaid hair.)

You wonder what she’s doing differently and try imitating her voice. (Hey, if it worked for her…)

You slash your prices by 20%. Then refresh your inbox every 5 minutes in anticipation of all the new inquiries that are sure to start pouring in. (Like…any second now.)

But let’s be honest. 

You don’t have time to spread your genius wafer-thin wrangling words, when you’ve got people to serve and money chests to lie in. (Kidding. This isn’t a Rihanna music video.)

So here’s a better idea…


A custom-crafted copywriting process to help you reach and resonate with the right people, make your readers straight-up sob with relief and think "she GETS me!", and do it all while sounding like you're the REAL deal (and a real human being). 


“Shortly after my new web copy went live, I booked four new clients.

I was relieved when I read Janine’s first draft, because it was a like having a bang on horoscope that was written about me. She even found a way to weave my holistic background and healthy living values into my approach as a bookkeeper. I feel excited about moving forward with my business now because Janine’s copy is helping me break free of industry stereotypes that peg accounting professionals as overly analytical, cold, and disconnected.”

Charyl Denomy Lieder | Bookkeeper for Online Entrepreneurs


“Sales for my program increased 25% and I got a fresh flood of clients.

I had two ladies sign up immediately and my mom thought I wrote the copy myself. I was crazy impressed by the effort Janine put into the process to really understand me, my business and my clients…from all the social media stalking, to reading/watching everything on my website, to asking me tons of questions. She was like Nancy Drew, and it was obviously why the copy sounded so damn good.”

Summer Innanen | Body Love Coach & Best-selling Author


Looking for packages and pricing?



Join me for a 4-week 1:1 copy coaching experience to help you write (or revamp) your web copy, develop a recognizable brand voice that resonates with the right people, and win more clients without jumping on a million dead-end discovery calls.



Distinctly-you web copy that feels like a joy ride through your dream client’s mind and makes them feel like you’ve been secretly stalking them (but in a totally caring way—not a Jim-Carrey-in-the-Cable-Guy kinda way).


“Janine takes the time to understand even the smallest details of your business.

She crafts copy that is so YOU, while still being so on-point and engaging! Better yet, she walks you through every step of her strategy, so you know exactly why she’s chosen the perfect words for your project.”

Liz Wolfe | NTP & Best-Selling Author of Eat the Yolks



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What's a copywriter anyway? +

If you crack open a dictionary, the cut ‘n’ dry definition of copywriting is the art of selling with words. (But if you watch Mad Men, you’ve probably been under the misapprehension that copywriters just stand around slamming back whiskey and having lunch break affairs. HAH.) As a copywriter, I help you schmooze with the people you want to work with. Not the ones who are trying to undercut your prices or go all fire and brimstone on you. (You’re welcome.) Copywriting uses a mix of storytelling, persuasive language, and human psychology to help you get the clicks that lead to connections and cha-chings.

Will your words make me rich? +

My words don't guarantee yachts or beach-feet selfies. Your results depend on other factors like how far you are in your business, the community and network you’ve built, your business knowledge and tech savvy. Not to mention, your level of expertise, dedication and consistency. Really, only YOU can get you results. But my words are here to help.

How do I pay? +

I accept most forms of payment (except chickens). You can send e-transfers to janine@janineduff.com or submit payment through Stripe (which also accepts credit cards). Donuts in lieu of dolla bills may be negotiated.

What if your packages don't fit my needs? +

Need to beef it up? Or shave it down? I may suck at yoga, but I'm flexible when it comes to my services. Tell me what you need (or don't need) and we'll customize any package to fit your needs.

What writing don't you do? +

White papers. Blog and social media posts. Press releases. E-books. Wedding vows. Breakup letters. But if you wanna double check, feel free to ask!

What's the craziest thing you've ever done? +

I’d have to say it’s a tie between white water rafting and exercising racehorses. But also, I once ate alligator jambalaya. (For the record? Gross.)