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Distinctly-you web copy that gets you more booked out than a library, so you can be that industry rockstar with the 6-month wait list who has to keep raising her prices.

We've raised our rates over 40%.

I felt lost for words because the wedding industry is highly competitive and focuses on building emotional connections, but Janine thoughtfully crafted our brand message to speak directly to our dream clients and share our story. Because she took the time to understand our business, I didn’t have to get bogged down providing feedback, we’re booking 4-6 months in advance, and I always hear from new clients how certain phrases really resonated with them and they were sold on working with us before our initial chat.

Ashley Malone | Creative Director & Principal Designer at Ashley & Malone

I went from bare bookings to growing sales by 30% and opening my second location.

I hired Janine because any inquiries I got about booking my event venue were usually followed by: Let me think about it. She saw through the cobwebs in my head and effortlessly churned out copy that was bursting with fun AND converting. Within an hour of the new copy going live, I had inquiries in my inbox, people were booking me without hesitation instead of trying to haggle, and a total stranger emailed me to compliment me on how creative and perfectly-worded my copy was. Now I see how truly “worth it” a copywriter is.

Naté Grindeland | Founder of Mixin Mingle Event Spaces

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TIMELINE: 5 weeks



+ Everything in the Basic Package

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+ Brand Voice Style Guide


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TIMELINE: 2 weeks

Ready to get wordy with it?

In less than 36 hours after my new copy went live, I had three 1-on-1 bookings.

I cringe to think of my copy before Janine because it was all kinds of awkward. Then she came along and sprinkled word confetti all over my website, and now my copy shines brighter than the Hope Diamond. Not only did I appreciate her gifts something fierce, but she was so awesome to work with, I wanted to hang out with her in-person just so we could stuff our faces with chips and guacamole. I’ve actually had to take my 1-on-1 offering down because I got so slammeroo-ed with new clients!

Shanon Doolittle | Fundraising Coach