Write an About Page that Compels & Sells

...without fantasizing about throwing your laptop out the window every 2 seconds.

Join copywriter and brand voice strategist Janine Duff for this


(Replay included.)

...PLUS participate in a BONUS group hot seat style session from 4-5 PM ET 

to get personalized feedback on your About page copy.


(Registration is only $97 USD. Space is limited to 15 spots.)

Does your About page answer the key questions that 

potential clients are asking when they visit your website?

Your About page is one of the most visited pages on your website (read: muy importante).
It can be the difference between a dreamy client showing up in your inbox ready to hire you...and bouncing.
So it sucks that it’s also the page that gives you the most grief. Because writing about yourself is HARD, even if you’re a copywriter like me. #theslogisreal

Here’s what you already know:

  1. You can’t afford to slap up some boring bio or halfhearted mission statement if you want to stand out online and make a memorable first impression.

  2. Sounding like a bifocal-wearing professor, corporate robot or walking resume isn’t going to inspire anyone to hire you.

  3. Your worst nightmare is coming across as a straight-up self-promoter (or worse, a humble bragger). 

And here’s what you don’t know (yet):

What do you even SAY on your About page?

What if you don’t have some rags to riches sob story or “I’ve been there too” moment? What if you’re still pretty new to your industry and you’re struggling to compete on experience and credibility? What if you’ve got ideas coming out the wazoo and you aren’t really sure how to connect the dots and keep your messaging tight?

I got you, boo!

As someone who has written in the ballpark of 100 About pages for other small business owners…

Let’s just say I’ve developed and refined a simple method for writing unique, engaging About pages while keeping the process as FUN and painless as possible.

(I mean that. About pages are my all-time fave copy to write these days.)

Want to know the best part? I’ve packaged it into a practical and hands-on 90-minute training that walks you through my own creative process.

In this live workshop, I’m answering THE questions 

everyone’s asking when it comes to writing their About page…

  • Who is it really about—me or my client?

  • How do I decide what’s relevant and what’s NOT relevant?

  • What if I don’t have a compelling story to share?

  • Do I write in first person or third person?

  • Where’s the balance between TMI and not enough?

  • How can I blend the personal and professional?

  • Do I use “I” or “we” when talking about my business?

You can read another 238 blog posts on writing your About page and have heart eyes for days over all that inspiration you’re pulling together from other websites…

But if you’re being honest, that’s all just glorified procrastinating. You need less theory and more HOW-TO.

What you really want is:


A clear framework to follow when you’re writing. While you know there’s no “right” About page formula, a starting point would be nice. You want clear directions that guide you through the writing process, so you know you aren’t leaving out critical details that your potential clients care about.


A wily word slinger to give you personalized feedback (oh, hai!). Imagine how invaluable it would be to have a second set of eyes on your copy—especially someone who gets paid to write About pages on the regular for small business owners like you.


Writing examples, templates, and prompts to inspire your creativity. Because getting started is the hardest part (curse that blinking cursor of doom)...and why write from scratch when you can follow an outline?


This is EXACTLY why I designed this 90-minute live writing workshop and bonus hot seat style feedback session.

So you have the guidance, support, and accountability to sit your bum in the chair...make time to do the writing...and get your About page where it needs to be to win more clients.

Together, we’re going to walk through...

  • My fave creative exercises and prompts for finding your brand voice and applying it to your web copy (I use these with my private clients all the time!)

  • The 7 clarifying questions you need to ask before you write a single word for your About page

  • Powerful, engaging ways to start your About page (and how to choose the hook that works best for you and your business)

  • The 5 key elements of a client-attracting About page (plus 12 common mistakes I see people make and how to avoid them)

  • How to find that perfect balance between professional and personal, so you come across as credible AND likable

  • The #1 question your About page needs to answer, so you can compel the right people to stick around and take the next step with you

  • 5 About page templates that you can steal and customize, so you never have to start with a blank page again

If you’re a service provider, this writing workshop is for you.

Creatives, freelancers, consultants, coaches, speakers, and personal brands⁠—I’m looking at you.

Whether you already have an About page (and aren’t really in love with it), you’re starting from scratch, or you’re sitting on a rough draft because you’ve got some serious word shame...

This workshop is going to help you write an About page that attracts the people you MOST want to work with.

Get all of the training, tools, and personalized support you need to write your About page with more ease.

  • 90-minute live training (a replay of the live training will follow)

  • Bonus 60-minute group feedback session with Janine where you can submit your About page draft for review

  • About Page Workbook (fillable Google doc) with creative prompts, exercises, and customizable templates

  • PLUS the Ultimate About Page Checklist, so you don’t have to worry about missing important details

Here’s what our agenda looks like on Thursday, July 25, 2019:

10-11:30 AM ET: LIVE TRAINING + Q&A (I’ll stick around until your Qs are answered!)

A replay of the 90-minute live training will be available for anyone who signs up.

The bonus hot seat style feedback session will NOT be recorded, so if you want to participate, please show up live.

Since this is the first time I’m offering this workshop, here’s some peace of mind from my private clients that you’re in good hands…


"I've had numerous clients who booked me say that my copy felt like it was talking directly to them!

I knew I needed support and accountability to write my new web copy because all the other daily tasks of running a business kept getting in the way. Janine made me feel truly supported, special and understood throughout the entire coaching process. I loved her weekly check-ins and video walk-throughs of my copy, plus she was always so great with feedback and answering questions in a thoughtful way."

Orly Wachter | MS, RD, Business Mentor & Coach for RDs


“We’ve raised our rates over 40%.

I felt lost for words because the wedding industry is highly competitive and focuses on building emotional connections, but Janine thoughtfully crafted our brand message to speak directly to our dream clients and share our story. Because she took the time to understand our business, I didn’t have to get bogged down providing feedback, we’re booking 4-6 months in advance, and I always hear from new clients how certain phrases really resonated with them and they were sold on working with us before our initial chat.”

Ashley Malone | Creative Director & Principal Designer at Ashley & Malone


“I went from bare bookings to opening my second location.

I hired Janine because any inquiries I got about booking my event venue were usually followed by: Let me think about it. She saw through the cobwebs in my head and effortlessly churned out copy that was bursting with fun AND converting. Within an hour of the new copy going live, I had inquiries in my inbox, people were booking me without hesitation instead of trying to haggle, and a total stranger emailed me to compliment me on how creative and perfectly-worded my copy was.”

Naté Grindeland | Founder of Mixin Mingle Event Spaces


Ready to write an About page you can be proud of?

This isn’t some online course that you’ll get around to finishing “someday”.  (Or let’s be honest. Never.)

It’s a hands-on, 90-minute live training (with practical examples!) that takes you through a step-by-step process for writing your About page, so you can finally give it the official #nailedit stamp.

You’ll discover how to structure an About page that makes the most sense for you and your business, write the words your potential clients need to hear most, and infuse your personality into your copy without undermining your credibility.

How cool it would be to have your About page attracting clients on autopilot for you? 

Generating a steady influx of new leads?

Or even inspiring people to QUOTE parts of your copy when they reach out with an inquiry because it was just that memorable? (Seriously. This happens to me all the time and my clients tell me it happens to them, too.)

People regularly pay me $1,000+ to write their About page. 
But you can get access to my creative process for only $97 USD.

(Space is limited to 15 spots.)

After you register, you’ll receive a confirmation email. 

I’ll also be in touch via email to send you important details, reminders, and training links.


What happens if I can’t make it to the live workshop?
I got you! While you’ll get the most out of this writing workshop if you attend live, you’ll also get access to the replay of the 90-minute training. If you want to participate in the bonus hot seat style session from 4-5 pm ET and get personalized feedback on your copy, you must attend live. There will be NO recording or replay of this bonus session.

How will the hot seat style feedback session work?
You can submit your About page for review if you want personalized feedback on it. I’ll provide a form link that you can use following our live training. The HARD cutoff time for submissions is 3:30 PM ET, so I have a chance to review it before our feedback call. That way, I’m not wasting any other participant’s time on the call reading through the copy. Once we come back together for the bonus hot seat style session, I’ll go over copy submissions with the group and offer constructive feedback, so everyone can benefit!

*This bonus feedback session is TOTALLY optional. There’s no pressure to attend it. You’re also welcome to just show up, listen, and support the group even if you don’t feel comfortable having your copy reviewed.

Will you be offering this workshop again in the future?
While the plan is to use this beta round to get participant feedback so I can make improvements to the content, I can’t guarantee that this workshop will be offered in a live format again (with the bonus hot seat feedback session) or that it’ll be available at the $97 price point.

What if I’ve already written my About page and I just want to make it better?
Perfect! I actually recommend you update your About page copy every 6 months. Whether you’re looking to revamp your current About page so you can attract more clients or you’re creating one from scratch for a new business, this training is going to walk you through my writing process for About pages and give you an ultimate checklist for what you need to include.

What’s your refund policy?
Given the live nature of this training and space limitations, your registration fee is nonrefundable. You can read the full terms and conditions for this workshop here.

How can I email you my other questions?
Feel free to email hello@janineduff.com and my assistant, Drew, will be happy to answer your Qs!